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Cookies & Cream Party

Posted by Lisa Courtney on

I have a confession to make...when it comes to whipping up a party there is nothing like having help. I’m a clever party planner, years ago I found a talented crafty friend. The kind of friend who can whip up a costume for your kid in 3 minutes flat using nothing but an old curtain some chicken wire and a glue gun. You name a theme and leave the details to her....see I told you I’m a clever party planner!

I’m the kinda gal that needs pictures for inspiration so trawling the net including Pinterest is how I get things done these days. My friend Alanna the Planner however just has a quick look at our party supplies and thinks of new and quirky ways to use them. Mini milk bottles...lets hang them from the trees she says?! (here’s me thinking they’re for drinking out of). And she was right, they were easy peasy to put up and added such a cool backdrop for our cookies and cream party. Take plain mini milk bottles, add some cute ribbon, fill with milk and hang with nylon...done!

With a fabric backdrop to match our cream, chocolate and aqua colour pallet, a few chocolate honeycomb balls and white tissue fans were all I needed to finish the look. I just love those tissue much bang for your buck! (they’re in our ‘party bucket’ and just get reused time and time again)

Drinks were served in recycled baby food jars with aqua straws and an Oreo cookie to top it off...the kids loved them! For sweets we had gorgeous coloured coconut ice made by my clever sister in law, lots of mini cookies, vanilla cupcakes in our aqua dot cases with white and aqua butter cream topped with chocolate crunch.

The cake was from the Donna Hay Kids annual (who doesn’t love that mag?) and was the easiest I’ve made to date (hubby requests similar cakes for all kids parties going forward haha!). Giant choc chip cookies layered with cookies & cream ice-cream. It And one gorgeous tall ivory polka dot candle.

No party is complete without a wee treat for the party-goers to take home. The kids and I baked lots of chewy choc chip bikkies and filled some brown and white candy stripe bags with a few and sealed them with a choc chip cookie sticker.

I just love how a few simple ideas can all come together to create a memorable party. Well actually he’s one so he may not remember but Mamma sure will.

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