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How to: Make Edible Christmas Gifts

Posted by Lisa Courtney on

We have loads of lovely teachers, neighbours and special friends to thank in our lives so this year the kiddies got busy and did it all themselves!

We made a huge batch of Christmas Tree and Gingerbread Men cookies then decorated them with red, green and white hundreds & thousands; sugar pearls for Christmas baubles on the trees and jumbo hearts for cute little gingerbread men buttons.

Packaging can make a plain gift pretty and in our house the kids always have loads of suggestions! This year they mixed it up. Some mini cookies were put in chevron itty bitty bag, others in cello bags (you impressively bought more than 2500 bags this year - I will get A LOT more next year I promise!) and our mini cupcakes fitted perfectly into our Kraft lunch boxes. And we couldn't go past cookies in our Christmas Tree cookie boxes - too easy!

The girls made more than 50 handmade cards this year (quite a feat in concentration for Miss 5 and 8!) using potato stamps with cut out Christmas Trees on the front. Finally we tied the mini cards on with red striped bakers twine - and we were done!

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