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How To: Make a Rainbow Sprinkles Cake

Posted by Lisa Courtney on

If you’re going to make a rainbow cake you may as go all the way – the brighter the better.

This was one of the ‘rainbow’ element of my niece’s ‘Princess-Rainbow-Mermaid-Unicorn-Fairy' party. How cool is she?!

I should have a disclaimer that this is not the tidiest cake in the world to make, like the gift that just keeps on giving you will be finding sprinkles for quite some time but I have some tricks I can suggest for that.

I wanted the standard rainbow cake that every little kid loves but with a twist – just as well I sell individual colours of 100’s & 1000’s then. Firstly you will need to make six rainbow coloured cakes. I have used Madeira cake as it holds its shape and stacks well but any light coloured batter will do. I would recommend using good quality gel colouring as you can get away with using less and still achieve a vibrant colour. Level all your cakes and begin stacking them with a thin layer of either butter cream or our favourite cream cheese recipe from the Ice It Pretty Icing Kit. Once you have stacked all your cakes you will need to crumb coat the whole cake. Remember what colour order they are in so you can match the corresponding sprinkles on the outside. I choose to go purple, blue, green yellow, orange and red.

Take a ruler and a skewer and mark on the cake where you want the lines of each coloured sprinkle to start. Now for the tricky bit, or should I say messy bit! I would suggest placing your cake on a turntable with some damp towels under to catch some of the sprinkles that don’t stick to the cake, or over a deep oven tray – or just have fun making a mess like I did!

Use something small such as a candy scoop and start packing sprinkles from the bottom tier of the cake. Do this by pouring sprinkles very slowly onto the side while lightly pressing the sprinkles onto the cake with your fingers. You will want it to be fairly packed so that when you move up to the next colour band they will just fall off the colour band below. Repeat this until you have reached the top and admire the mess around you! It will be worth it when you see all the kiddies’ faces.

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