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Ninja Cool

Posted by Lisa Courtney on

All Master 4 wanted was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party. "Not a chef's party, a Vintage airplane party, a golf party?" I ventured. No, only a TMNT party. I went there. It must be love.
I secretly confess I loved it.
Four giant green balloons, a bit of felt and paper and bam the backdrop's done.
Add in a few sugar cookies decorated with your favourite pizza toppings and some TMNT cake pops and you're done!

Giant Balloons $8.90 I Weck Tulip Jars $6.95 I Wooden Dot Spoons $4.95 I Cake Pop Sticks $4.50 I Green Candy Stripe Bags $4.50 I 16cm Jade Milk Glass cake stand $79.95 I Meri Meri Platter Set $19 I Mini Milk Bottles $1.90 I Green Stripe Straws $7.50

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