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Head in the Clouds - Feet on the Ground Party

Posted by Lisa Courtney on

Turning 10 feels like a magical age and one I remember turning. I thought I was so grown up! It’s a special age filled with possibility and imagination so what better time is there to celebrate having your head in the clouds and feet on the ground?

We enlisted Alanna the Planner who created a ‘set’ for little partygoers to eat and play in. She sourced very cheap off-cuts of artificial grass to define the scene. It looked fabulous and once the party was over we just shook all the party food crumbs off outside so clean-up was a breeze!

The cloud balloon ceiling was fun to put up using a mix of giant and regular balloons; we kept it up for weeks!

Aside from giggle about like ten year olds we had them busy from the ground to the clouds. Creating fondant cacti and succulents for mini choc cakes that were baked into terracotta pots brought out their decorating skills, as did designing and decorating cloud cookies. I got the idea from a fabulous cookie decorator based in Melbourne called Frosted by Nicci, she makes gorgeous kits to be decorated by kids complete with edible markers. This activity was a hit; some were too good to eat!

There was also a mini garden potting station on a cloud table none the less, just one of the fabulous party props Alanna has in her collection. The girls filled our cheap as chips glass jars with a selection of soil, stones and gems and planted succulents, pansies and sweet peas to take home with them.

Party treats included cacti cupcakes, cloud shaped sandwiches, cloud meringues made by, cloud biscuit pops served in a chocolate ‘log’, cloud cookies decorated by a talented bunch of ten year olds using edible markers, lemon meringue cloud mousse using Lewis Road Creamy cream and FreshAs freeze dried fruits, mini choc cupcakes in terracotta pots decorated with fondant succulents, I Love Pies sausage rolls, strawberry rimmed chilled Lewis Road Creamery milk and of course a red velvet layer cake with fondant succulents and topped with ten ivory dot tall candles.

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