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Recipe: Chocolate, Pear & Pistachio Filo Parcels

Posted by Lisa Courtney on

These pears are a delicious treat and perfect if you're feeding a crowd.  
If Pistachios aren't your thing you can replace them with chopped almonds.  Serve straight from the oven as they are or with a little ice cream or mascarpone on the side.
chocolate pistachio pear filo
One pear per guest guest
Filo pastry 
100g dark chocolate
50g toasted pistachios roughly chopped 
zest of one orange
1tbsp sugar
100g melted butter
Peel and core your pears leaving the stalk on the top.  You want a decent size cavity to fit plenty of filling!  If needed level the bottom of the pear slightly so it will stand.
Preheat oven to fan bake 170 degrees celsius  and line a baking tray with baking paper.
Roughly chop dark chocolate and combine in a bowl with the toasted pistachios, zest and sugar.  Stuff each pear with as much filling as you can and reserve a teaspoon or so for the pear to sit on. 
Lay your filo pastry out and cut into squares big enough to wrap each pear.  Brush each layer of filo with melted butter, place a teaspoon of filling in the centre of your square and place your pear on top.  Scrunch the filo in towards the top of the pear.  Repeat this step till you have four layers of filo on each pear
Place your wrapped pears on your lined baking sheet and bake for 30-35mins or till golden brown
Eat while warm and delicious!  

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