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Recipe: Mango Banana Ice-cream

Posted by Lisa Courtney on

mango banana ice-cream
I use 'recipe' in the very loosest of terms as this is literally as the name suggests!
I'd like to say that we stick to the occasional treat in this house but the reality is that I am on a non stop nagging crusade to keep it in check.  So any kind of treat that isn't full of refined sugar is a little win for this Mama.
So Friday's treat is mango and banana ice cream.  Now I'm now sure if I've just never noticed it but frozen mango hasn't been on my radar until now and I'm sure our family alone are keeping them in steady business...the kids LOVE it!  
What we discovered is that it blends as smooth and delicious as frozen bananas do (of which we have plenty from all the ripe bananas I never get round to baking with).
So basically the 'recipe' for four servings is take 1 overfilled cup of frozen mango and two chopped frozen bananas and blend with a stick blender.  That's it.
If you are using a smoothie maker or blender you might need to add a touch of yoghurt to help it come together but this is optional.
You wouldn't know it's not fancy ice cream other that it melts a little faster than the bought variety.  Not that the kids have ever had this problem - it has never lasted long enough to find out.
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