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Science Party

Posted by Lisa Courtney on

science themed party
science party
science party
science party
science cookies
science party
science party
science themed cake
homemade slime
science party
science party
With two budding scientists in the house obsessed with making slime, a science party was high on the request list.
We started with the periodic table of course.  I only had to look up approximately 110 of the 118 elements.  Wasn't feeling bad about it till a gorgeous 9 year old guest could recite the whole lot.  Someone needed to pay more attention in science class.  I think it may have been easier to recall school if they had been edible!
Fairy GMama Alanna the Planner descended with a magic molecular backdrop which she whipped together with stripy straws, ping pong balls and barbecue skewers.  Some people just get all the talent I tell you.
Our main party snacks table included petri dish jellies, eye ball lollies, a molecular cake complete with popping candy centre, caramel pop corn and of course refreshments in beakers. You had to work your way around the pesky labs rats of course.
Our mad little scientists unleashed their creative side decorating their own cupcakes with syringes filled with coloured buttercream and plenty of sprinkles from the test tube bar.
Science experiments included Elephant Toothpaste, popping balloons with citrus, & Mentos rockets.
Let's not forget where it all started though...the slime.  We had enough Borax to clean New Zealand.  It was busy, it was fun, it was MESSY!  All their favourite things.  Glass jars were filled with said slime for party goers to take home.  You're welcome parents.
Hip Happy Day my little scientists! x
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Party Supplies & Baking from The Pretty Baker I Styling by Alanna The Planner

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  • Love it ALLLLLL!!!! Great cake and cupcake deco skills there – oh and I think you remembered 7 more elements than I can ;-)

    Claire on

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