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Spread A Little Kindness

Posted by Lisa Courtney on

Kindness.  It's free, it feels great, and best of all it's contagious!
Random Act of Kindness ideas
  • smile at everyone you pass for the day
  • put a special note in the kids lunch box
  • give your teacher a thank you note
  • mow the neighbours lawn
  • buy the person behind you a coffee
  • welcome someone new in your neighbourhood
  • spend some time with an elderly friend
  • tell your friends what they mean to you
  • tell Mum and Dad how great they are
  • donate your time to a charity
  • bake your colleagues a cake
  • babysit for a friend
We decided to take the time to celebrate and thank some of the important people in our 'village'.  The people that quietly support and impact our journey.  The teachers, the mentors, Grandparents and close friends.  
These little gift tag cookies are simple to make.  Just throw together a batch of sugar cookie dough using a straw to punch out a little hole for your twine before you bake.  You can ice, bedazzle with crystal sugar or stamp a little message. Add bakers twine and pack in our super cute itty bitty bags.  
So here's to our's an amazing one!

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  • Love this idea Lisa! We all need to spread kindness like it’s confetti!

    Tina on

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