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Science Party

With two budding scientists in the house obsessed with making slime, a science party was high on the request list.

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Cactus Cool

I am in love with this party styled by one of our clever customers Sophie for her gorgeous one year olds big day! 

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Cookies & Cream Party

One giant cookies n cream cake for one clever little one year old!

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Luau Party

One of the smartest things I've done in life is have a baby within a week of Alanna the Planner's lil guy....cue the ‘shared parties’!!  We needed something festive for both boys and girls for Miss and Mr 4 and nothing says party like a good old Luau (plus we got to pretend we were somewhere a bit more tropical for the day!)The idea was based on the super super cool honeycomb fruit in the store.  I just can’t get enough of that fruit, it looks amazing on its own or strung up in bunches like a hanging fruit salad.  We had...

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Jungle Fever

I have created a monster....Miss 7 started planning her birthday theme at least 6 months in advance of this year’s birthday, all based on a pair of cheetah print shoes her Nana bought her!  What have I got myself in for I wonder?

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